My Favorite Mug

I took a break from drawing to draw something mindless. For me mindless drawing is Lere doing science magic with pie and coffee (and Jane who is mostly naked). What a world! That’s my STAR TOURS mug. My favorite and most prized possession (maybe, maybe not). I take beverages pretty seriously.

Here’s a really bad photo of the pencils before coloring:

The anatomy probably isn’t the strongest. I just had the urge to draw eye shinies and parallel lines, I guess. I’ve been working non-stop on comic stuff recently, so I felt a little clumsy coming back to markers; I guess I should take breaks more often! Also, I have to buy a bunch of new markers. WARF!

If you’ve ever wondered about which brands and tools I use, I don’t really have a lot of loyalty. I go for whatever is cheap; though supplies rarely feel cheap when I have to buy them (like now, actually).

Markers: Whatever I can get my hands on (on sale, hopefully). I particularly enjoy using the Korean brand Touch (you can almost blend them like watercolors). Actually, I tend to use watercolor pencils with markers.

Drawing: I use the pilot refillable mechanical pencils, usually in light green (called Color ENO). The green is easy to take out in photoshop and not quite as hard on the eyes as a non-photo blue lead can be.

I mostly ink with pens (Pilot Drawing Pens). Sometimes I use nibs. I’m kinda on a spiritual journey to find the right inking tool right now… I bought a brush-pen recently, but I have yet to feel comfortable doing real work with it.

Paper: Most of my comics are done on a Smooth / Vellum bristol. For everything else, whatever I can get my hands on. Recently I discovered I can get 11×17 bristol from behind the staples printshop counter for a fraction of the cost of buying those pads from an art store. We’re talking 75 sheets for $7.50. Those pads cost more than that and only have 24 sheets. Economics!

ALSO: RULERS AND MY FUCKING ERASER PEN. I’m kinda weird and crazy about my ruler hoard. I can’t just use any ruler, I have a posse of rulers that I will go on magical quests to find any time I misplace them. That large one was liberated from my grade 11 art class many, many moons ago (that back says “room 148″) ha ha ha.

My fundraiser for printing some Finnegan Strappe is still going. I only have 10 days left!

OK. Back to work. Things are crazy and stressful and up in the air right now.

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