Amelia Curran With Symphony Nova Scotia

Amelia Curran Poster

A gig poster I did for an upcoming show. I was excited that it involved the Symphony. I went through so many design ideas before I came to this one. The thought of a moth falling in love with a star is lovely.

I had to do screen prints of this one:

It’s out of the norm for me do to something that isn’t figurative. I do like how the concept turned out.

I’m feeling so-so about how the prints themselves look. This is my second try at screen printing. It’s hard on the heart of a crazy person like me (who likes everything to be perfect). But, I’ll keep at it! I think I’ll assess how much people like it and perhaps offer both the screen prints and a digital print version. Any tips for getting those small details crisp?

Actually, halfway through doing this I started to get sick with some sort of stomach flu. WHAAATTTT. If I have any time (and extra dough) I might try doing this print again… I’d love to own my own tools and work-space for really getting into this art-form (I’m borrowing space at an artist run centre, which is cool but… I always feel rushed because I have to pay for the time…).

Anyway, this poster will be featured in an artshow, where it will be available to buy, as well as at the show itself. I am planning on going. I’m being given a wristband to the entire music festival for doing this poster! I’ve got plans to see The Stars, Dan Mangan,  Rural Alberta Advantage. If you’re planning on going to any Pop Explosion shows, let me know. I take suggestions VERY SERIOUSLY.

That’s all for now! Things are busy busy over here! But, I want to update with a full post of excitement regarding our Indie GoGo SUCCESS and more things and projects to come! I’m putting together the details for how I’m going to release this first series of comics. It’s thrilling, actually! See you soon!

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5 Responses to Amelia Curran With Symphony Nova Scotia

  1. Hi! I love this poster so much, it’s very beautiful! Awesome design.

    For getting more detail, there are lots of factors, but I think the biggest one is mesh count. The higher the mesh, the finer the detail. For posters I’d go with the upper 300s.

    I’m so excited about your gig posters! Yeah yeah yeah!

    • jordyn says:

      What is mesh count? That has to do with the screen right? Hmmm…. perhaps I should buy one for myself…. I’m borrowing screens from the artist run centre, so perhaps they aren’t the highest in quality.

      Thank you, lovely!

  2. scott says:

    Those look nice! I love the symmetry to them.

    It’s been a long time since I screen printed but from what I remember, two things will keep your details crisp.

    1: The screen itself. There are different weaves and finer ones give you more control and detail.

    2. Burning the screen. I’m guessing you’ve got a home set up for burning the image in. Light contamination or light coming in from multiple angles can blow out your details.

    Looking forward to seeing more! Inspires me to dig out my old supplies!

    • jordyn says:


      This weave concept is new to me! But it definitely makes sense. I’m using the tools and screens at the artist run centre close to my house. Perhaps I should invest in my own screen…

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