Rooftop Lady

I’m going to be updating my webcomic on Monday (or maybe during the weekend, I haven’t really decided), it’s been a wildcat of a week and I’d rather not stress out more than I already have been. But as a offering of love here is a ghost lady illustration from a while ago that is currently in the mail to someone.

It’s Hallowe’en month. I’ve got to find as many excuses to draw for it as possible. Maybe that will be my excuse to buy a new scanner.

I woke up yesterday to find the house really cold. It was 15 degrees, so I finally had to relent and turn on the furnace. Heating bills are the worst. We had to fill the oil tank pretty much as soon as we moved in here (it wasn’t filled for us….) and it was RIDICULOUS and traumatizing. But I stocked up on root vegetables as emotional compensation. They may be cold and windy, but the winter months have the best dishes.

OK, see you sooooooon!

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One Response to Rooftop Lady

  1. colleen says:

    So lovely! The colours and the mood are totally perfect.
    Also, I hear you about the root vegetables. WINTER IS COMING!

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