Fire Escape

I started this drawing while in Minneapolis for MIX! I was in a cafe with my dear pal Britt Sabo. It started out in a different direction. Um, the first image is NSFW. HAHAHA.

Below you can see the starting point of this illustration leading to the inks and the colors. SHA SHAAAAAA!

We went to a cafe and I had THE BEST latte ever and this happened to show up on my page. I guess I felt strongly about my beverage. Britt added the sweet taur part. Now you know the inspiration behind all of my work. All of it.

OH! THAT’S what I had in mind ALL ALONG.

Finally, the flats before I added the photoshop wizard stuff.

I have been meaning to make a post about my trip to Minneapolis. I shall. Probably before or at the end of the week!

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