Some Frequently Asked Questions!


Q. La Bouche Bochon?

A. Bouche /buʃ/feminine noun

  1. (cavité buccale) mouth;
  1. (lèvre) mouth, lips (pl);
    s’embrasser sur la ~ to kiss on the lips;
  1. (organe de la parole) ouvrir la ~ to speak;
    il n’a pas ouvert la ~ de toute la soirée he hasn’t said a word all evening;

Also, Bochon is my last name.


Q. How do you pronounce your last name?

A. Boh-shawn. Bow (like on a present). If it were the french Boo-Shawn (Bouchon), which it is not,  it would mean “plug” like from a wine bottle. Sadly, my name doesn’t rhyme with ocean nor lotion unless you stretch the “tion” into “shawn”.


Q. How often are you going to update this blog?

A. I do not have a set-in-stone schedule, but I hope to update a couple times a week.

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