Be part of a comic!

Hi everyone! I’m getting ready to print a short series of stories about Finnegan Strappe (that are separate from the ones going online). But, in order to do this I have to do some fundraising. Find out how you can take part, get cred, and make this happen!

The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe Fundraiser from Jordyn Bochon on Vimeo.

Go here to see the campaign!

Spread the word, friends!!!

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Screen Printed Posters

Hey everyone! I’m putting my screen printed gig posters up for sale. This was my first try at screen printing, so it’s cheap!

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After Starwatcher

Mr. Brandon Graham has started another Moebius cover party; it’s everyone draw Starwatcher time. Here is mine.

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Art Sale

Hey everyone! I’ve got some original marker drawings here that need a “forever home”! Spread the word! I’m trying to save up for comic related expenses and rent AT THE SAME TIME. And it’s proving to be very hard! Any support would be appreciated!

Warrior, Markers, 8.5 x 11″, $75

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The New Deal


Well, here we go! I’ve started this blog because I’ve recently felt like I’ve been working in a strange silence, which is not true, but my words need some sort of concrete outlet. Since moving to Halifax, I’ve worked in general solitude as a freelancer, so I’m hoping share my work progress and obsessions here (it will be a fun, I promise).

To be honest, the idea came after re-reading Ursula K. Le Guin’s A Wizard From Earthsea and then watching the Studio Ghibli film Tales From Earthsea.  More than likely the third post I’ll make here will be about how gorgeous Le Guin’s stories are, but that’s not this post.

I’m going to keep this blog up-beat and try not to produce too many self-important sounding rants, as the internet certainly has enough of those. I’m also looking forward to talking about anything you, the reader, would like to hear. Rest assured, there will be much discussion concerning books/movies/comics about barbarians and wizards, ink, my comic projects and processes, while resisting the urge to talk about my cats too often. I’m looking forward to it, my friends!

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